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Eileen Richardson

Life Coach

About Eileen


Eileen has known for years her passion and purpose is to teach Life Balance to others and to assist them in Life Transitions.

She has done many things in her search for how to express that passion and purpose.

She wrote the book entitled “Off Balance”- The Importance of and How to of Balancing your Life in Mind Body and Spirit.

She has also hosted and produced the TV show “A Balanced Life” where she has interviewed authors and Life Balance Professionals such as Dr. Robert Epstein- editor in chief of Psychology Today, Deepak Chopra- world renown metaphysical guru, author, and speaker, and Lucy Jo Palladino PhD .- author and child psychologist.

These and other guests on the show were specialists in their fields assisting others to attain fulfillment, passion and joy no matter what part of their life they were challenged by.

Eileen since then has chosen Life Coaching as her profession to assist others in finding their true joy and passion in life and assist in their transitions.

She has found the profession where her passion, purpose, skills, and knowledge come together and true fulfillment occurs for her.

Life Coaching is about assisting others on their path to a future they envision for themselves. It is done as a partnership between the coach and the client where the coach is an equal that guides the client to listening to and following their own inner voice.

This is why Eileen is such an excellent coach. She is a patient listener, compassionate woman, and a professional whose personal truths of integrity, honesty, and creativity take the client to new heights never dared to be dreamt.

Eileen lives and works in the spiritually renowned place Santa Fe New Mexico. Eileen was drawn here about 17 years ago and felt she had to live here someday. Her husband and family moved here in 2001 and began a new, challenging, and fulfilling life with their own businesses.

She is also mother of 7 children and 2 grand kids. As a mother she has learned the most about Life Balance, and Life Transitions.


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