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Myths we believe about ourselves

Myths we believe about ourselves

There are some very powerful myths most of us humans believe about ourselves .When we choose to believe they are TRUTHS, they keep us from becoming the divine Omni powerful creations we are.

When we choose to believe and live as if they are MYTHS we DO become the divine Omni powerful creations that we are.

The first and probably most important myth is that we are separated from other human beings, nature and God.

This belief that we are separated creates competition prejustice, judgment, and jealousy to name a few.

If we all believed and understood we are all of one divine creation each with our own purpose and gifts but all on the same path to self exploration and divine fulfillment we would always support each other and not suffer the before mentioned emotions.

Truly think about this - if everyone on the planet was a close relative you adored and respected the world would be a cooperative fulfilling happy place.

When it comes to feeling separated from Nature it prevents us from living in harmony with Nature. Once again if we believed we too were part of Nature we would be so much more aware of what Nature can teach us and the needs it has to fulfill its purpose(s).

Our disconnection from God makes us feel no power in our divine selves. If we are not feeling divine we constantly see only our  limited humanness and none of the divine qualities we have.
If we truly embrace the TRUTH that we are a part of all other human beings on the planet, Nature and God, how would it change your world?

How would it affect the relationships in your life? How would it change your perspective of your dreams? How would it change how you operate in the world?

Myth number two is that we are solely or mostly affected by things and people outside ourselves. This can be interpreted as we are at people’s mercy in our lives like our bosses, political leaders, or spouses or even the guy ahead of us in traffic. The other factor many people believe is that we are affected by luck. Good or Bad

This myth prevents us from taking personal responsibility for all that happens in our lives. We have created with our thoughts and beliefs everything in our lives.

This is called the Law of Attraction.

Our thoughts are forms of energy that go out into the universe and create that thought into a solid thing or experience. The upside of this is that if we have in the past created the bad things in our lives and take responsibility for it, then we can turn it upside down and take personal responsibility for all the GOOD you want in your life and create it with our thoughts and beliefs!
Wow!  How does that make you feel?

The next MYTH most of us believe is that we CANNOT have everything in our lives we want. Most of us believe we cannot have wealth AND health AND great relationships AND great experiences. For some reason whether it was society, our parents or our religion, it was taught to us that to ask for any or all these things just is not possible. Or that it is greedy or selfish. We believe there is some limit in what we can have.

Does that make sense when you look at the abundant lavishness of Nature? Does nature only let ¼ of a meadow to bloom with wildflowers? Or does Nature limit the number of colors of flowers can be? Then why would there be a limit on us? Why would if we are apart of God be restricted from our joy? If our joy is to be wealthy and healthy and happy with loving relationships and experiences why can we not have it? If you ask you heart right now is there a limit, what is the answer? Of course not!!!! Than we must rid our thoughts of these limitations and dream and enjoy without limits. The Law of Attraction is without limits!

There are other Myths that limit us as human beings but I consider these some of the most common and basic for all of us.

So what do we do to change our lives and not believe or live by these myths?

  • Change our thoughts

It has been proven by science that the thoughts we have are electrical energy bursts from the brain that change and influence our body and mind and outside of us into our environment. Positive thoughts are 10 times stronger than negative thoughts.
How does this work? We don’t know but it does. Do you understand how electricity works -yet you know it does and you use it.

So change your thoughts to what you want. Visualize what you want constantly. As best you can, let go of the things you DON’T want in your life. Focus on what you DO want. The Law of Attraction will work perfectly every time for you .

  • Meditation

Meditate each day or thru the day visualizing what you want to happen that day. What you want that day and feel the feelings of what that is like. Feeling the feelings is the way as human we gage what is right or wrong for us. Do more of the things that make you feel good and less of the things that don’t make you feel good

  • Watch what you say

This is a way of observing your thoughts. We get into a habit of saying things that are reinforced into or brain but they are just things we have said for awhile and we may not believe them. But the brain does not know the difference. An example;

“Oh there goes Murphy’s Law”. What are you saying here? If anything can go wrong it will? That will certainly manifest. How about “It’s one of those days.”

These are great examples of how we program ourselves for failure with each opening of our mouth. Instead of saying “I cannot afford it” say “Money comes easily and frequently” and feel that feeling of abundance and no limits and the joy that can come from being abundant in wealth.

  • Surround yourself with only those who make you feel good. Make you feel good about your dreams and who you are and supportive in all you are.

 When you have people in your life who are not supportive of you and your dreams you question yourself and second guess and you will go off the track to attracting what you want in your life. When you have others in your life who support you, believe in you, and do the same in their lives, it is like having an even more effective Law of Attraction multiplied many times over.

All these steps are ways of living the Law of Attraction the way you want to live it.
God Bless and go forward.

Eileen Richardson
Life Coach

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